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Who's Calling?

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The following begins my newest book:

I felt the vibration and heard the telltale “b’ring.” I sighed and hesitated. The last time I answered my smartphone the voice on the other end wanted me to support “Flowers for the Friendless.” I answered, “I don’t accept solicitations over the phone,” then hit end call.

Maybe I’ll let the caller speak to my voice mail. If he really wants to reach me, he can text. The last time I listened to my voice mail a voice had said, “If you want to make a call, hang up and try again.”

With the urgency of finishing culling through e-mails disrupting my thoughts, I swiped the screen and said, “Hello! May I help you?” Dead silence. “Hello!” I tried again. “Who’s calling please?” Now I was prepared. If a voice asked, “Is this Mary Webbor the lady of the house?” I planned to hang up before the inevitable appeal, or listen to the appeal and then give my standard response about phone solicitations. In case the voice gave his name and called me by my familiar nickname, Terry, I could relax and listen.

But do I listen when God calls? He doesn’t ordinarily call on cell phones…..




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Worry or Trust

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"Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God" (Ps 20:7)

To trust or to worry that is the conundrum.  I am a natural born worrier and wake up most mornings concerned about something or someone - until I commit the day to the Lord.  So for me to  trust that God will make all things right if I surrender to His will has been and still is a daily challenge. I'm a natural born fixer, doer and  can be counted on in a crisis.  So God has had to teach me day by day, situation after situation, to depend more and more on Him.



Patience - Still under construction

So goes this site; so goes my journey through life. I am who I am because God is. My life is ordinary by human standards but many extraordinary events - yes, even miracles - have occurred since I started to trust God. I have developed this website so that all may know that if you trust God your life's journey will be a ride you will not want to miss.


Learning to Listen

If I wait expectedly to hear God’s word, a name will come into my mind.  Then I  stop what I am  doing and send a dart prayer to God for whatever the person with that name needs. Maybe the name will belong to one of my children or grandchildren or to  someone special whom I have met or worked with in another country.


Finding God in Failure

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" justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God."

This verse (Micah 5:8)  jumped  off the pages of my Bible and molded my ministry in 1980. If I thought that following this biblical guidance would bring me success, a wining lottery ticket, a best selling book, a CNN hero award or $5000 speaking engagements then by now I should be wallowing in despair. None of these have come to pass. In fact one might determine that my life has been a failure by worldly standards of success.  In seeking justice I've been called too outspoken. In loving mercy I've helped addicts and family members recover from the bondage of addiction - not a popular healing ministry- walked the streets and slept  in shelters with the homeless - not a safe or acceptable avocation. In walking humbly I have not sought personal honor instead have chosen to take a back seat so others might shine.


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