2020 Coronavirus Update and Easter

Loving God and Loving your Neighbor

“Lots of people flocking to packed churches on Easter Sunday,” is Trump’s glorious vision to end the virus, then he will reign supreme. As a follower of Jesus, I want to praise and worship God with others on Easter Sunday too, but I’m learning to worship God with others on Zoom. A handful of influential megachurch clergy in the US believe Trump is the chosen one and blindly follow what he says he wants to do. Some have refused to honor the public health official guidelines to limit gatherings to 10 people six feet apart and continue to hold packed worship services believing  Jesus will protect them. Perhaps they have forgotten that Jesus’ suffered extreme punishment before he was crucified  and couldn’t get his breath when he died on the cross Good Friday. Those who might get sick with Covid-19 in packed church buildings will be more likely to not be able to breathe and many will die because of the lack of respirators, if Trump and his cadre of  clergy followers/enablers get their wish.
I just returned from a mission trip to Kenya and Uganda. Church services there as well as in many other countries are cancelled and schools are closed. We are told for the health of all of us to stay home and practice social distancing so that less people will contract the virus.  Responsible clergy and prelates, including the Pope, are following Jesus’ teaching to love God first and, second, to love our neighbors as ourselves by adhering to public health guidelines. One doesn’t love God only in a church, mosque or temple; one loves God by caring for others as we  care for ourselves.
Perhaps we need to ask, is Trump following Jesus or his narcissistic need to be reelected?

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