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Democracy holds

November 3rd, 2020 - Election day and for a week afterward poll workers counted and re-counted ballots. Biden is now the 46th president elect and the transition has finally been authorized, even though Trump and drunken Rudy Guliani are still fighting. Trump will not concede and has told all his followers that the election was stolen from him. Much healing needs to take place in divided America. The cult of Trump still believes in their chosen one. The covid pandemic [...]

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V-day is now

I've been working the phones to make sure that every voter fills out  either his/her mail in ballot, mails it and checks to see if it has been received,  or votes in person. I've also been writing and submitting letters to the editor and preparing for what ever happens to hold this country together. Here is one I just wrote: Will we choose to restore our Democracy or continue down the path toward Authoritarianism in this election? The latter terrifies [...]

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