V-day is now

I’ve been working the phones to make sure that every voter fills out  either his/her mail in ballot, mails it and checks to see if it has been received,  or votes in person. I’ve also been writing and submitting letters to the editor and preparing for what ever happens to hold this country together.

Here is one I just wrote:

Will we choose to restore our Democracy or continue down the path toward Authoritarianism in this election? The latter terrifies me.  During my childhood, Nazi Brown Coats rounded up Jews and dissidents, imprisoned and killed them. Now here in America, neo-nazi groups and the Proud Boys ‘stand down’ while waiting for a signal from the current occupant of the White House.

Two hundred of us took part in an emergency conference entitled Trump’s Great Harm to America and the World. Because of his dangerous mental health condition, many experts define as malignant narcissism and pyscho-pathology, the speakers warned that Trump is growing more delusional and volatile by the day and will do anything to hold on to power.

Both disenfranchised white males and mostly rural southern charismatic believers make up Trump’s base.  His cult followers, who shout and clap during his crowded, unmasked rallies not only are exposing themselves to a deadly coronavirus but are also affirming that Trump, their cult leader, epitomizes their delusions, disappointments, and desires to deny blacks, immigrants, and indigenous peoples their civil rights.  Meanwhile, religious groups are gathering to praise and plead with God that he continue to choose Trump to save unborn babies from abortion and to prepare America to be the promised reign of God, ushering in the end times. Leaders of these religious congregations meld their conservative Republican political ideologies and moralistic leanings into a kind of religious fanaticism.

For these reasons, the rest of us need to prepare for the days after Nov. 3rd when the following scenarios could occur:

  • The election is close and/or Trump and Republicans question the legitimacy of the vote. The election then could go to the Supreme Court, where Trump has tried to influence the Court to decide in his favor with his appointees.
  • If neither Trump nor Biden wins 270 electoral college votes, the election could go to the House of Representatives, where each state then has one vote to determine who wins.

In any case, protestors will take to the streets. Lawyers will be kept busy.  If Trump loses this election, we will still need to deal with Trumpism. His base will not give up easily. Incidents of violence and civil unrest may occur

National and local organizations, such as the Transition Integrity Project, Protect the Results, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, The Frontline, DSA, our PA Stands Up, and Braverangels.org, are aware and making plans as to how to address these scenarios. Join us in holding the country together.




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