Terry is passionate about sharing her Christian faith. Dr. Webb is passionate about helping and healing dysfunctional families. Terry W is passionate about working the 12-Steps to life- long recovery for those suffering from the disease of addiction. Mary Theresa Webb is passionate about her life serving as a missionary and mission team leader. Terry Webb is passionate about making American history and historical persons come alive for students. Terry Webb is passionate about global peace, justice, and environmental issues.

Curriculum Vita

A few interesting facts about Terry

  • One of her books is published in three languages

  • She is a table tennis champion

  • Terry likes to sail and travel

  • She has friends in Egypt, Africa, Russia and Romania

  • She’s taught ninety Kenyans in a reptile museum

  • Terry has met with two presidents

  • She has three daughters and ten grandchildren

  • Terry knits sweaters with Russian/American yarn

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