Release Date: July 15, 2019
Pages: 162
ISBN13: 9781545664285
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Calling all Christians to explore the deception and dangers present in the political climate in America today, to reflect on the Beatitudes and Jesus’ life and teachings, and to direct them to follow along the Jesus pathway.


"Thomas first asked Jesus to tell him the way. (John 14:6) Jesus responded that He was the Way and in doing so He used the term that God called Himself, I AM. Jesus calls His Way the narrower or more difficult way.

First century Christians were called the People of the Way. Newly converted Christians were subjected to torture, persecution, beheaded or crucified, just like Jesus. When the Roman Empire eventually crumbled, the Christian converts continued to follow Jesus and their lifestyle changes threatened the ruling emperor, whom they refused to worship. Under Nero, they were even accused of starting the fire that almost destroyed Rome in 70 AD. Rounded up by Roman soldiers, they were killed or fed to wild animals in the arena, suffering martyrdom because of their faith."