Not Your Fault

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and their impact on family members.

Leaving Legacies

Author presents an interactive program about various avenues for leaving legacies for the next generation.

Agreeing to Disagree Agreeably

Author leads adult forum/group in how to discuss difficult topics in 2 or 3 educational sessions.

Memories and Miracles

Author presents about  Russian history and Christian nationalism.

Global Citizenship

Based on 30 years as a mission team leader, author shares how not to be an ugly American

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Emancipation in the South and Racism Today 

Based on her book, Costly Freedom, author presents a program about this period in American History and the racism problems that still plague us in the twenty-first century.

Coastland Security in the Early Twentieth Century

Author present the history of lighthouses and the keepers who manned them and their importance for US Maritime Coastland Security. 

Inventions in Transportation and Communication in the early Twentieth Century
Author explores inventions during this historical time period that changed American life. She will challenge her audience to consider possible new inventions that might change present and future history.

Feeding, Fueling, and Fouling Your Brain
Author presentation on brain development and the current neurological research on how eating, sleeping, and drugs can enhance or impede brain development.

Each program last about an hour and includes a half hour presentation and an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. Cost is negotiable.

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