“This Louis Lighthouse Book Series provides an ideal way for young people to learn about this important part of our nation's maritime history.”

—Jeremy D'Entremont


About the Series

Captured in this four book historical fiction series are real events that happened during the first years of twentieth century America. 13-year-old Louie helps his widowed mother tend a lighthouse on a fictional island off the coast of Maine. Louie's adventures each season of the year with his pets and friends include inventions, storms, shipwrecks, mysteries, and even the first world series baseball game.

About the Author

Willingly shares her life experiences, expertise, and passions as a volunteer professional, Christian missionary, and teacher through her writings and presentations.



"Manning the Light maintains family values and spiritual foundations that are important in my family's life today. As a homeschooling mom, I recommend this book as part of a literature based American history curriculum."

—Elizabeth Giles Griner

"This account of Thaddeus Stevens' early life is very useful and instructive from the point of view of dealing with bullying and abuse... Young readers will find the book a clear account of farm life in rural Vermont and the sheer strength needed to perform basic chores..."

—Barbara, Amazon review
on Thaddeus Stevens

"There is a real need for a book like Who's Calling... Dr. Webb's understanding of addiction and codependency is extremely astute..."

—Constance Hughes, Amazon review

"Amazing! I highly recommend Terry Webb to be part of your lecture series... She is a wealth of knowledge and loves to share that with her audiences.”


—Jen Rynier on Memories and Miracles

"The tensions provoked lead to some dangerous moments and exciting plot twists. I recommend this book to all, youth and full adults. There is much to learn from the experiences of Sam, Albert, Will and their diverse Cobb County community..."

Peter Scott on Costly Freedom

Costly Freedom... is a compelling work of historical fiction... Terry Webb artfully develops these characters and weaves their stories into an absorbing plot, one that will decidedly hold the attention of young readers.

—Ann Ratcliffe, English teacher, MA
George Washington University

memories and Miracles

Also by Dr. Webb

Stories and Reflections on Russia from an American Missionary

The year 1989 was a heady time in international politics. Terry Webb chose to help bridge the gap between Russia and the United States and made her first trip to Russia. This insightful memoir tells the tale of her missionary work in the former Soviet Union/new Russia and the legacy of organizations dedicated to service and world peace.


Programs adapted and available to please all audiences. She might even come in costume!  She’ll make American history and historical persons come alive.

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