Insights from an Introvert

Have you ever asked the question, who am I and what does my life matter? I'm attempting to answer these questions in my new book. Here's a teaser: "Throughout my life I felt that I had only a one-way view of life around me, a camera peering through my lenses, taking in everything around me.  I didn’t quite fit in. I was somehow different. I knew the color of my skin was white. My eyes were hazel. My hair was [...]

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Answers to the racism quiz

Louisiana has the largest population of black and brown skinned people of all the states. 12 presidents of the United States owned slaves: Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Jackson, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Johnson, Grant and Van Buren. Claudette Colvin was arrested first in the Montgomery bus boycott. Rosa Parks’ was staged for publicity. All of them. Roblox is a new video game criticized for its racist characters and game actions. There are two songs from Up with People that are [...]

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Becoming Anti-Racist

No longer underground and now written into state election law revisions, racism and white supremacy still plaque Americans.  To help you become aware of becoming anti-racist,  I've prepared the following questionnaire: Please answer the following 8 multi-choice questions to determine your score: Which state has the largest population of blacks and browns? (  ) Georgia    (  ) Alabama    (   ) Louisiana  (  ) South Carolina  (  ) Mississippi How many US presidents owned slaves? (  ) 2    (   ) 8        [...]

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Trumpism: A Dominionism Populist Movement and what can be done

The mob that desecrated the Capitol building, ending with destruction and death on the 6th of January, did so because they believed Trump when he told them that the 2020 election was fraudulent. Incited by Trump’s words, they   marched and stormed the Capitol. We witnessed the Trumpism movement at its worst. Among those at the rally proceeding the break in at the Capitol building along with Maga hats, American and Confederate flags were signs proclaiming “Jesus Saves.” Seven buses from [...]

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January 6th – a day of infamy in America

Encouraged and incited by Donald Trump a mob of followers attempted a coup on the Capitol building, intending to kill the vice president Pence and speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. A deranged malignant narcissistic president has been called to resign, for the vice president to invoke the 25th amendment and to start a second impeachment proceedings. As Christians we are called to pray and to pray with our feet and with our voices: to use tough love against those [...]

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