Important book releases and promotions

Costly Freedom by Terry Webb is now up and running on Excellent historical fiction story to discuss during this time of racial unrest and pandemic.Chronology of Slavery and Racism in America is included in this edition with lesson plans for parents and teachers. Order free copies of The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump and Following Jesus in the Age of Trump!

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2020 Coronavirus Update and Easter

Loving God and Loving your Neighbor "Lots of people flocking to packed churches on Easter Sunday," is Trump's glorious vision to end the virus, then he will reign supreme. As a follower of Jesus, I want to praise and worship God with others on Easter Sunday too, but I'm learning to worship God with others on Zoom. A handful of influential megachurch clergy in the US believe Trump is the chosen one and blindly follow what he says he wants [...]

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Conversing with a Trump Believer

Shortly after the two recent mass shootings, I sat  next to a woman at a banquet who said she couldn't understand why people think Trump is a racist. "He gets too much criticism and he's such a good  man."  I asked her if she'd read his tweets. She said no. "But I like that he's cut my taxes," she added.  I asked her if she liked the fact that 70% of our GDP goes to pay off our national debt [...]

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