Why I Cry

If you are reading these posts, you may be wondering way I am blogging about Russia or you haven’t read my book Memories and Miracles, about my missionary experiences in the former Soviet republics from 1989 through 2005. I first journeyed there as a peacemaker with a group called Peace Odysseys. Then, in 1991 I returned with a group called Creating a Sober World. This American group had planted AA groups and were recruiting volunteers to start support groups for [...]

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Despots and Fascist Patterns

Wars of aggression far too often occur when dangerous despots have absolute power in nations where Christian nationalism and Fascism coexist. Hitler’s Germany and Putin’s Russia have similar patterns. Those of us who were alive during World War II are horrified to observe these patterns being repeated. Seeing the swastika next to the Russian Z causes me heartburn. In 1933 Hitler encouraged all regional German churches, including Roman Catholics, to became one national German church. He’d tried one coup to [...]

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Christian Nationalism and Dominionism

In my previous post I described the Russian Christian Nationalism that exists in Putin’s regime and the Russian Orthodox patriarchy, leading to Putin’s war to take over Ukraine, and a form of American Christian Nationalism called Dominionism. This post will, I hope, help to clarify these two terms. Christ Nationalism has been evident throughout the history of Christianity, beginning when the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire. As Richard Niebuhr wrote in his book [...]

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Unholy Christian Alliances

The golden spires of the Church of Our Savior, one of the cherished Russian churches demolished by the Soviets, once again has risen proudly above the Moscow skyline. On my peacemaking trip to the Russian Republic in 1989 I visited a 1000-year memorial to the birth of the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated the year before. Three years later atheistic Communism collapsed. The Russian people, with prayers of Babushkas (Russian grandmothers) and secret baptisms of infants, had kept the historic faith [...]

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Ukraine and Russia Then and Now

On the cover of my book, Memories and Miracles, I'm seated on a wall in Kyiv, Ukraine when our 1991 group from Creating A Sober World was in that city to plant a family member 12-Step group. We had just come from Moldova where people were bartering for food as they tried to break away from the Soviet Union. Read this book (available from Amazon or from me) to answer the questions: Are we back in a Cold War with [...]

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Costly Freedom under Scrutiny

When I visited a history museum in Moscow in 1989, I asked our guide why there was only one wheelbarrow in the museum. She replied, “We never learned about our real Russian history. What we were taught was false.” Are we at a point in our American history that books that tell the reality of our checkered history are banned or considered too controversial for students to read? My historical fiction book, Costly Freedom, about Reconstruction days in Marietta, Georgia, [...]

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Insights from an Introvert

Have you ever asked the question, who am I and what does my life matter? I'm attempting to answer these questions in my new book. Here's a teaser: "Throughout my life I felt that I had only a one-way view of life around me, a camera peering through my lenses, taking in everything around me.  I didn’t quite fit in. I was somehow different. I knew the color of my skin was white. My eyes were hazel. My hair was [...]

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Answers to the racism quiz

Louisiana has the largest population of black and brown skinned people of all the states. 12 presidents of the United States owned slaves: Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Jackson, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Johnson, Grant and Van Buren. Claudette Colvin was arrested first in the Montgomery bus boycott. Rosa Parks’ was staged for publicity. All of them. Roblox is a new video game criticized for its racist characters and game actions. There are two songs from Up with People that are [...]

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