Following Jesus in the Age of Trumpism

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Published by: modified 2023
Release Date: 2019
Pages: 126
ISBN13: 9781545664285

This is a discussion we need to have and we need to have it now.

Church leadership has been reluctant to deal with our current political divide, yet both Christianity and Democracy in America are in peril. This newly revised edition gives you the background and tools you need to have meaningful conversations about important issues that could affect our future and the future of Christianity.

You will find it a quick read and in a question and answer format that is easy to discuss with friends and family in your community circles, adult education sessions at church or at the dinner table at home. Plan an education program designed in a non-threatening dialogue format. Your clergyperson will then receive a FREE copy of this book. The author is also available for speaking engagements, zoom calls, and panel discussions.