Published by: GOAL Ministries
Release Date: January 31, 2002
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A Church Training Manual

A valuable training guide for Christian clergy and lay leaders in recognizing and helping heal those affected by addictions, depression, and eating disorders. Guide comes with tools for assessment and valuable tips for how to help and how not to help as well as a description of the various streams of Christian healing ministries from Stephen's Ministry to 12-Step Ministry to Laying-on-of Hands Prayer Ministry.


“I strongly recommend this Healing Hope for individuals and congregations seeking to be effective hands of Christ’s body in bringing a healing touch to the brokenness and compulsive bondage of His world.”
-J. Keith Miller, author of A Hunger for Healing

“Dr. Webb’s carefully and clearly written books flow out of a wealth of knowledge, many years of teaching in various parts of the world and a deep faith.”
-George Gallup, Jr


God creates each soul in a womb. Essence, persona, personality, self, or psyche define soul. Another way to describe soul could be each person’s God-given uniqueness. If parents or other caregivers provide appropriate care and nurturing, an infant grows into an actual self, reflecting fully the soul God created.

Yet, we live in an imperfect, fallen world. Too often parents or caregivers are preoccupied by their own work habits, imperfections, or addictions. If parents verbally, physically, or sexually abuse a child, she grows into adulthood with a damaged sense of self. A damaged self may respond to internalized messages by striving to be perfect while feeling deficient or insecure.