Answers to the racism quiz

  1. Louisiana has the largest population of black and brown skinned people of all the states.
  2. 12 presidents of the United States owned slaves: Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Jackson, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Johnson, Grant and Van Buren.
  3. Claudette Colvin was arrested first in the Montgomery bus boycott. Rosa Parks’ was staged for publicity.
  4. All of them. Roblox is a new video game criticized for its racist characters and game actions. There are two songs from Up with People that are now considered racist. Black and brown people have been discriminated against because of the black pigment in their skin. In Minstrel shows painting black on white faces mocks black skinned people. We are not singled out because of the color of our eyes.
  5. COUNTELPRO was the FBI program started by Hoover to kill black power leaders and movements during the 60s and 70s.
  6. All of them. Black children make up 18% of students in America but account for 46% of suspensions. This does not included dropouts. In the drug possession, drug usage, and drug related crimes Blacks are arrested more often than whites. In 2014, half of those in prison were blacks. Most cannot afford attorneys. Only 33% live in 2 parent homes due to generational trauma. Male slaves were forced to procreate more and more black children and then sold to highest bidder like bulls. Most never knew their offspring.
  7. Although slaves were given Bibles to memorize verses by plantation owners for preaching and keeping other slaves under control, they were not allowed to learn to read or write.
  8. Liberty and Justice for Whom? The phrase Under God was added later by conservative white Christians. Most blacks consider themselves lower caste participants in American Democratic Republic. They seek justice and reparations for damages and unjust and cruel treatment of their ancestors by white Americans.

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