Insights from an Introvert

Have you ever asked the question, who am I and what does my life matter? I’m attempting to answer these questions in my new book.

Here’s a teaser:

“Throughout my life I felt that I had only a one-way view of life around me, a camera peering through my lenses, taking in everything around me.  I didn’t quite fit in. I was somehow different. I knew the color of my skin was white. My eyes were hazel. My hair was auburn brown (now white).  But why did I not fit in?  In my preteen and adolescent years, I thought of myself as a wall-flower, especially when I waited for a boy to ask me to dance. I had kept my 12-year-old diary and back then, when I attended dancing classes, I have many entries where I recorded wanting certain boys to ask me to dance. I had a few close school friends but I definitely wasn’t the life of any party. On the other hand, my younger and only sister was the center of every gathering. I remember my mother asking me once what was wrong that I didn’t have slews of friends calling and knocking at our door for me. I didn’t know the answer to her question. But she caught me often reading books with a flashlight under the blanket after I was supposed to be asleep. That should have been a clue but she didn’t have a clue and neither did I.”


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