Leaving the Lighthouse

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Published by: Historical Fiction Resources
Release Date: April 10, 2022
Pages: 121
ISBN13: 978-0985910938


In this fourth and final book in The Louie Series, change is afoot-for Louie and his family and friends, and for the nation: . Louie leaves his beloved island lighthouse home to stay with Uncle Sam while his mother recuperates from a near fatal illness. . When will they return to Two Tree Island? Will they? . Louie's friend Abram loses his mother. Was it an accident or something more sinister? And did Abram's father have anything to do with that awful day? Join Louie and his friends, old and new, as they are challenged and thrilled by the dramatic changes taking place in transportation, communication, and entertainment-and in their individual lives. Discover how relationships of sons and fathers are built, destroyed, or mended. And throughout it all, learn how God can be trusted-in the good times and the difficult ones as well.

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Terry Webb makes American history come alive for preteens through historical fiction, with the purpose of fostering in 9-13-year-old boys a passion for reading. Terry's writing provides hope for boys and girls in every generation and in many countries as they face their own challenges of growing up.


“Dense fog enveloped Rainbow.Louie faced forward toward Two Tree Island after watching the shoreline disappear. Ahead on his island home he and Ma faced lighthouse tending chores and seeing Scout, his puppy. Behind was the Lighthouse Service Board hearing that freed them both of responsibility for the shipwreck of the Carlton Company’s ship, Sea Mist. His new friend Abram Spade was back in town. The question of Abram’s pa’s role in the death of his mother remained unresolved.

“What will happen to Captain Spade now?” Louie asked of no one in particular.
Harry said, “Police will come and arrest him, I reckon.”

“Unless the Carlton Company posts bail,” Ma offered.

“Or unless he still needs more time in the hospital recuperating from his amputations,” Uncle Sam added. “Then the police will post a guard outside his hospital room until he’s well enough to stand trial.”

Louie waited for Captain Bowline to add his response. He usually spoke only to add something important or to polish off the conversation. The fog was so thick that no one could see Two Tree Island, and Louie knew that for the safety of everyone on board the captain needed to keep his eye on the compass and his ears listening to the fog siren from the island. In fact, the only time Captain Bowline spoke on the whole trip to the island was as the island wharf appeared out of the fog.

“Prepare the lines!” he barked.

Harry grabbed the bow rope and Louie, the stern. Louie heard a familiar “woof.” Scout appeared, her tail wagging. Before she tried to jump on board Rainbow, Louie put out his hand and commanded, “Stay, girl. Sit.” Scout sat, her tail thumping the boards on the wharf. “Good girl.” Louie patted her head as soon as he made the stern rope fast.

Captain Bowline tossed up their duffels. Harry handed up boxes of provisions they’d purchased at Jake’s store. Uncle Sam gave Ma a hand to help her up. Ma needed his help. She was still recovering from pneumonia. Uncle Sam had persuaded Mr. McAllister, who had reluctantly agreed, that she needed time to regain her health. He suggested Harry stay on the island and assist Aussie in manning the lighthouse.

“Probably need two of them with the weather still unpredictable. Soon’s it clears, they could take turns tending the lamp,” Mr. McAllister told them.
“I’ll come fer ye tomorrow, weather permittin’,” Captain Bowline called after the four of them were safely on the wharf. reversed Rainbow’s engine and headed back to the mainland.

“Well, laddies and lass, ye look mighty happy,” Aussie said after they had deposited their luggage and put their provisions away.

“No sentence, no fines …” Ma started but Louie finished:

“… Captain Spade then became a suspect in his wife’s death.”

“Scoundrel’s got it comin’ to him,” Harry added.”