Mystery and Mishap

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Published by: Historical Fiction 4 Us
Release Date: February 4, 2022
Pages: 136
ISBN13: 978-0985910921


When 13-year-old Louie, a junior lighthouse keeper, comes across a body washed up on the shore one cold winter morning, it sets off a tantalizing mystery. Who is this mysterious person? How did he-or she-die? And how did the body wind up on Two Tree Island? As Louie begins the search for clues, he has no idea where this mystery will lead him or the incredible events that will transpire over the next few months. A whiteout Christmas . . . a strange illness . . . a shipwrecked crew . . . a time of testing . . . it's all here in Mystery and Mishap, the third installment in the adventures of Louie Hollander and his friends.

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 Note: On December 1, 2006, the author gave copies of books in the Louie series to First Lady Laura Bush, whose own love for reading inspired her to become a national advocate for encouraging young boys to read.


"Terry Webb's style is always enjoyable and never preachy. She presents a realistic picture of life at an island lighthouse more than a century ago with all its harshness, dangers and beauty. This book series provides an ideal way for young people to learn about this important part of our nation's maritime history. Th is newest book in the series is the best yet!"
-Jeremy D'Entremont,


Br“r!” Louie exclaimed, stomping his feet and rubbing his hands together. Milking a cow on an island was not an easy job, especially with frozen fingers.

He stroked the cow’s udder. She must have an internal combustion machine to give off so much warm milk when it’s so cold outside, he mumbled to himself. He moved his fingers up and down, guiding the milk from the cow’s teats into the pail at his feet. Scout, his Newfoundland puppy, chased her tail round and round while Louie worked. But she still kept her distance from Betsy, their lighthouse island cow, who had once given the puppy a swift kick.

Scout ran down to the water’s edge. Louie glanced up to see a large mass swishing to and fro with each wave near shore. Probably flotsam, he thought as he turned back to the task at hand. He carried the full milk pail up their house. But Scout didn’t follow. Instead, she stayed near the floating mass, barking nonstop.

“Better check it out,” Ma said to Louie when he handed her the milk pail.
Louie turned around and trudged back toward the shore. “What the…?” he mumbled when he reached the floating mass. “Look’s like someone’s laundry caught by a wave…or…no!” Louie gasped.

Two eyeballs stared up at him through the mass of swirling clothes. Louie pulled at the clothes and an arm appeared, followed by a bloated body. He thought of dragging the waterlogged body up to higher ground, but it was too stiff and heavy and he was scared to touch it. “Ma! Come…quick!” he yelled.”